A total overview of networks and equipment, both outside and inside plant, is becoming more and more important in a competitive market. Smallworld Systems AS delivers complete solutions for documentation when planning, building and managing a modern network.

For cost-efficient management and development of infrastructure it is important to have accurate and complete documentation compatible with other IT-systems. Up-to-date high quality information about network and equipment should therefore be an integrated part of the business and operational systems at telecom operators today. Our solutions are based on GE Smallworlds leading GIS technology, flexible tools and architecture.

GE Smallworld Network Inventory safeguards your demands of a complete solution and is a well known system used by large operators around the world, allowing them to efficiently manage and utilize their network.Smallworld telecom users in the Nordics include large operators, such as Global Connect, Telia and Telenor, and, in addition, several regional cable-TV and fibre network owners.

Smallworld supports the processes of managing and developing a telco network


GE Smallworld Network Inventory supports the sales process in both brownfield and greenfield areas. In these processes Smallworld supplies information about existing network and customers, combined with business and demographic data.


In the development of new networks it is important to determine if capacity and space is available in cables, conduits rooms or cabinets. This, in combination with digital maps, public address register and customer information, Smallworld provides powerful tools to analyse where to invest in infrastructure.

Planning and design:

Smallworld provides functionality for planning and designing and networks, all the way from trenching lay-out, placing of cabinets to sizing of conduits and cables. Automated tools support efficient documentation of multiple subscribers’ access line and delivery points, which is extremely time saving compared to the manual drawing to each address. Field survey, with on-line access to network inventory, is vital for verifying plans and designs before building.


Smallworld is designed for supporting work orders and project deliveries. Complete overview of all equipment, number of components, meters of trencing ensures tracking og project cost and progress.  Our data quality control tool resolves conflicts, verify connectivity and performs various other checks before the completion of the as-build documentation. We supply GPS field measurement solution for real-time and accurate data collection from the trench to the database.


Taking advantage of Smallworld’s Logical Network Inventory (LNI) capabilities, access circuits are updated upon activation of new customers. This feature allows Homes Passed (HP) to be documented in the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) in the building process, ready to become Homes Connected (HC) in LNI at service delivery. For process automation, in order to achieve fast and accurate customer activation, Smallworld can also offer integrations to Customer and Order Management Systems.

Operation and Management:

A well documented network will give huge return of investment in the day to day management of an existing network. Operational staff, technicians, sales and support will benefit by access to detailed information on the network and available capacity. Overview of the connection between customer access points, routing paths and network components makes it possible to quickly localise faults in the network, and pinpoint customers or components that have been exposed to the fault (impact analysis). Web-access to network inventory, on pads and smartphones, is crucial for reducing downtime by supplying real-time insight to Field Engineers. Smallworld can be integrated to Operation and Maintenance System to support automated updates of network structure overview maps, Impact Analysis and alerts to affected customers.