Smallworld Streetlight is an efficient documentation solution for all types of equipment in a network of streetlights. Network and equipment are presented on maps, and useful functions such as connections, tracing and reporting is available through an easy-to-use and configurable user interface.

Smallmap offers lightweight web-access to inventory data on a tablet, laptop or cellphone. The Streetlight application supports digital work-flows between the network owner and contractor, and contributes to efficient interaction between organisations.

Consistency and quality

Smallworld Streetlight presents an accurate view of the real network as all data are exact replicas of the equipment actually installed in the network. The search function provides relevant information about of physical location, specifications and relations to the user. Keeping focus on data quality ensures that work orders will be performed on the basis of correct and sufficient information at any time.

Take control and work smart

Smallworld Streetlight gives the network owner complete control over documentation and work processes, which ensure efficiency and quality at all levels. Streetlight networks are critical to communities, which deserve and demand professional management. We offer tools and competence to help build a robust streetlght operation by developing functions and integrations to fit existing support systems.

Complete documentation

Smallworld Streetlight supports all types of equipment contained in a network of streetlights: