Our biggest products have their foundation on the core products from General Electric (GE), mostly from the Telecom world, where we have built many customizations through the years. Our consultancies have also in many cases taken GE core products and made their own application to suit the needs of other infrastructures, such as district heating and street lighting applications.

Smallworld Nordic (SN) has the highest competence in developing and modifying the different products for the needs of the customers when they need customizations and modifications in general for their documentation and planning needs.

Some of our consultants have experience developing GIS-related products and services from scratch which in turn has widened the limits of what the team can do in development and in consultancy in general.

Whatever the need of the customer, the needs are registered in a web portal where the need is described and where most of the communication, specifications, estimation, and everything else is shared. Like the SN bug tracking portal, we have a central place for the customer where needs are communicated, prioritized and so also documented.