In a constantly changing world, it is important to build on the latest information, maps and address information. Errors can be costly and time-consuming, as well as delaying projects. Datafordeleren (data distributor) provides stable and secure access to coherent basic data from public registers for the benefit of authorities, companies and citizens.

Maps for addresses (DK, NO,)

In connection with the use of the existing Smallworld platform, there is a great desire for a continuous update of map data from the national central map supply:

We recommend maintaining and upgrading your map base 4 times a year.

Continuous maintenance of map bases from quarterly. “Grunddatamyndighederne” have collaboratively created one unified and coherent data model for all basic data, and the data model shows the basic data that follow the common model rules for basic data and are exhibited on the Data distributor.

GeoDanmark vector

GeoDanmark is the framework for collaboration between all the country's municipalities and the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) on the establishment and maintenance of a nationwide common public geographical administrative basis.

GeoDanmark data is the basic topographic data that forms the basis of SDFE's digital map products.

GeoDanmark's object types are divided into seven classes: Buildings, traffic, technology, nature, hydro and administrative divisions.


The cadastral(Matrikel) map is a digital overview map that aims to be a graphical display of the Land Register.
It thus identifies cadastral areas and displays registered property boundaries (boundaries).

Address - option

The addresses that are installed and updated are downloaded from DAWA.

The addresses contain data and functionality regarding addresses, access addresses, street names, road sections, additional city names, and postal codes. Data comes from the Danish Address Register (DAR).Each individual address is represented by a variety of information. In addition to data about the address itself: street name, house name, supplementary city name, zip code, floor, and door, a large number of other data are attached to the address. These include unique identification, location (coordinates), height above sea level, owner's guild, cadastral no, property number, and connection to administrative divisions: municipality, parish, region, judicial district, police district, and constituency.

In connection with the quarterly update, we perform the task of downloading, data configuration that is adapted to the customer's PNI database, loading, and testing.

We recommend a subscription to a quarterly update: Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Both products use the standard data model this increases user friendliness, the precision, quality and safety for users.