FJV is built on the leading GIS platform for pipe and cable networks, General Electric Smallworld Core. The platform is continuously developed for our customers worldwide. The application can use map data from both Norwegian sources and international sources such as Google Maps and Streetview. Current version of Smallworld Core is 5.3

Smallworld Nordic delivers complete solutions to help take control of  your district heating network.

Our solution is developed in close cooperation with the Scandinavian district heating industry, and is already in use by the leading suppliers in the markets.

With Smallworld district heating the complete network is documented from the heating plant to the consumer.

In Smallmap you can see both geography and internals and all objects can be selected for detailed information about properties.

The description of the district heating network is available from the same source whether you use the professional Smallworld client or the user is out in the field and uses the web client on mobile or tablet. Documentation and maintenance is done in the professional Smallworld client, and the web client is for inspection and redlining from the field.

Smallmap is adapted to mobile, tablet and PC. Mobile phones or tablets are used in the field, but many PC users also use Smallmap to quickly look up and find information about the web.

The system provides information on