Users, super users, GIS administrators and IT system owners of Smallworld, from operators, contractors and consultancy companies, are invited to our local user meetings, taking place in Oslo on Thursday April 27th and near Vejle on Thursday May 4th. Invitations are out now with lots of interesting and important topics on the menu.

At the Norwegian evening program in our Oslo office, the focus is on the cooperation between field workers and office staff; as there has been considerable outsourcing of tasks related to network planning, delivey and support from operators to contractors and consultancy companies over the last decades. We will look into good practice for this cooperation, management of photos taken in the field, data capture examples, efficient survey measurements imports and new web client development.

Hotel Vejlefjord is the venue for the Danish user meeting.

The user meeting at Vejlefjord hotel in Denmark will be an arena for getting feedback and sharing ideas. Also, we will look into status and learnings for our AutoLER 2.0 solution, give tips for good practice and better workflow in working with network inventory, discussing our new domain expert role, and present product roadmaps and evaluations.

We hope to see you at these events. Contact for registration.