Our Danish User Meeting took place in Vejle at May 23rd, gathering 28 participants, representing 9 network operators, plus 9 of our own staff. The input and presentations from our customers was at a historical high level, and came on top of the sessions held by our experts.

Tanja opening the Danish User Meeting

The program kicked off with a panel debate, where Lone Jørgensen of Fibia, Mari Møller Hansen of Trefor and Carina Fjordside of Thy-Mors Energi discussed the implications of the shift in focus from building to operating networks; facilitated by our CEO Tanja Rask Elbæk. Furthermore, Kenneth Damholt and Egezone Haziri introduced and demoed Light6, our new web-client to be launched later this year; Peter Makholm explained integrations by use of standard API; Alina Golubei outlined the benefits of the Quality Manager tool; and new and useful extensions to Smallworld PNI were presented by Øyvind Berntsen.

Carina of TME introducing the ERFA-group's topics

The ERFA1-group, lead by Carina, brought up important topics of common interest, such as FTTH Tool add-ons introduced by Galia C Block of Norlys, supplementary map layers showed by Marie L Larsen of Fibia and Physical Route Manager demoed by Lars Morten Moe.

1) Abbreviation for the Danish word "erfaring", translates to "experience" in English

Marie of Fibia presenting map layers

The event was truly a great success with lots of insight, sharing and engagement, a huge inspiration to both the users and to us as a supplier of the goods.