Fibia increased its FTTH customer base by 33% in 2019 to 160,000 connected households. The company invests approximately one billion Danish kroner a year in expanding its fiber network, and almost 300,000 of 640,000 households in the parent companies' supply areas now have the opportunity to connect to Fibia's fiber network.

Fibia uses Smallworld Network Inventory to document its fiber connections and its backbone network, including inside plants, cabinets, utility boxes and other infrastructure. Lone Guldbrandt Jørgensen, GIS administrator, says the following about Smallworld's significance for Fibia's fiber success: - We are pleased to use Smallworld, which helps to make the information to our customers better. We are constantly expanding our use of Smallworld. This gives Fibia a good overview of the network and is crucial to the impact analysis if any interruptions occur.

Lone also provides an insight into Fibia's ambitions to further streamline operation and expansion of the fiber network: - The first goal is to get a fast and stable web tool for our technicians in the field, that supports full-digital workflow, and thereafter facilitate the process of getting as-build documentation and field surveying data from contractors directly into Smallworld.

The Technical Director of Smallworld Nordic, Morten Moe, works closely with Fibia to ensure that the company can make the best possible use of its network documentation; and he has high expectations for the results: - We aim to help Fibia become an even more efficient fiber company, there are always areas to improve, which is something we experience with all our customers.