Broadband is now available to almost the entire Scandinavian population and district heating is becoming an increasingly important source of energy, these are examples of developments that require network operators to adapt accordingly. Data about the infrastructure thus becomes a valuable resource, which it is crucial to be able to utilise, and the companies have a lot to learn from each other.

Keeping this is mind, we welcome users, system owners and administrators of Smallworld, both from operators, contractors and consulting companies, to local user meetings in Vejle on May 23rd and in Oslo on May 30th. These gatherings will provide great opportunities for professional updates and informal dialogues with industry colleagues.

The Danish user meeting in Vejle will be a full day event, while the Norwegian user meeting will be an evening session taking place in our offices in Oslo. We are in the process of making an exciting programme, which we look forward to presenting soon. In the meantime, please mark the dates in your calendars and you are welcome to register now to

Haraldskaer Hotel is the location for the Danish user meeting in Vejle.
The Norwegian user meeting takes place in our offices in Oslo