In record time, Geokontroll has become Norway's largest inspector of wooden poles and will evaluate 150,000 poles this year. The Pole Control application, developed by Smallworld Nordic to register and document quality control of each pole, is key in this success story.- We inspected about 56,000 poles in 2021, which was our third year of operation, and in 2022 we will almost triple the volume, Lasse Mederud, CEO of Geokontroll, outlines. - This is a fantastic development resulting from recently won contracts with Elvia and Telenor, in addition to existing agreements with, among others, Norgesnett and Tensio.To process the current volume this year, Geokontroll will have 22 Pole Inspectors in action, which is an increase from 11 inspectors in 2021. At the start-up in 2019, the company had 4 inspectors, which clearly indicates the formidable growth in the number of contracts over this relatively short period of time.

Pole inspection by use of a Restitograph.Smallworld Nordic has developed the Pole Control application over many years, ever improving it to new demands from inspectors and customers. For example, the automatic transfer of results from the measurment instrument, a Restitograph, to the application, is developed in order to be able to present these data further to the customers' systems. The Pole Inspectors use the web client Smallmap to record all pole data, and this is also integrated to GPS, with centimeter accuracy, for precise positioning of the poles.- Our collaboration with Geokontroll is dynamic and valuable because we get exact input from inspectors and customers on how to improve the application, Øyvind Berntsen, Consultancy Manager at Smallworld Nordic, says. - It is also very rewarding to develop a solution that is widely used and that contributes to securing infrastructure being crucial to society.

Inspection data registered into the Smallmap web client.Geokontroll has strengthened the focus on quality and HSE by updating the corporate procedure descriptions, made by their quality managers, which has improved the company's position to be able to compete for the largest contracts.Furthermore, the company is involved in a research project where the purpose is to improve the grid companies' maintenance plan so that the average lifespan of wooden poles is significantly increased. This has a great environmental impact, as it reduces the need for production and transport of new poles, in addition to the fact that network companies save money.- The development of Geokontroll as a quality supplier has been crucial to be able to grow to where we are now, and take the next step further, Mederud explains. - Also, Smallworld Nordic's assistance in continuously improving the Pole Control application to fit ever increasing expectations is an important differentiator in the competition.Read more about Geokontroll here! (Norwegian site)