Smallworld Nordic was GE's number one partner in Europe for selling new Smallworld licenses in 2020. This success is due to great teamwork, together with our customers and GE, involving both technical and commercial skills.- Congratulations to Smallworld Nordic for achieving the highest license sales for European Grid Channels during 2020, Damien Wall, Partner Director of GE Digital, applauds. - A tough year for business, but thanks to the team's intensity you secured four separate incentive awards for your stellar performance during the course of the year.- We have really had a great 2020 in selling new licenses, especially with the Danish fiber operators, and also in all other areas of our business, Albert Bjørnsund, COO of Smallworld Nordic, concludes. - Reaching top of the league in Europe is truly a great achievement, also given the fact than we serve a smaller market than most other GE partners across the continent.Now it's time for making 2021 meet, and exceed, the 2020 result, we are certainly energized and working at full speed to fulfil our goals!