Since 2019, our three companies, Smallworld Systems AS in Norway, Breakoutimage A / S in Denmark and Breakoutimage AB in Sweden, have all been parts of our joint organization called Smallworld Nordic. We have also used the name Smallworld Nordic in communication and marketing of our companies.In order to strengthen a consistent profile in our market, we are, with immediate effect, changing the names of our three companies. The new names are as follows:Smallworld Nordic Norway AS, which replaces Smallworld Systems ASSmallworld Nordic Denmark A / S, which replaces Breakoutimage A / SSmallworld Nordic Sweden AB, which replaces Breakoutimage ABAll public CVR/Organization numbers are continued.- These changes will make it easier to communicate with our surroundings since all names of the companies and the joint organization, for the three countries, are consistent, says Tanja Rask Elbæk, CEO of Smallworld Nordic.All existing agreements with customers and suppliers will be continued under the new names.For questions regarding this, contact Sigmund Gaaren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Smallworld Nordic, by e-mail