The Norwegian west coast fiber operator Kvam Kraftverk, serving communities situated by the scenic Hardangerfjord, just east of Bergen, is our newest Smallworld customer.

The fiber network is connecting citizens, enterprises and vital public services, and is covering a large portion of the municipality, stretching over 617 sq km. Kvam Kraftverk provides an open reach public network, so their customers can choose between several communication and content providers, which is ahead of the market's current fenced-in business model.

Bjarte Vevatne of Kvam Kraftverk

- We own and operate a valuable and critical network for our society and we need to make sure that we have the full overview, says Bjarte Vevatne, Technical Director of Kvam Kraftverk. - We also work together with other operators in the region in other to exchange experiences and explore possible common ground in our back-office suites.

At the moment, data is migrated from existing digital sources into Kvam's Smallworld installation in order to make use of the legacy documentation and build from there. In addition to moving existing network data, the migration project will also cater for sufficient equipment specifications and templates for efficient documentation and visualisations in Smallworld.

Kvam's personnel has also attended Smallworld foundation course training and an introduction to their installation, making them good to go.