In April, we visited Norlys at their headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark, as a part of the program at our first physical all-company gathering in two and a half years. Maibritt Fyhn Nielsen, Head of Planning and Documentation at Norlys, and her colleagues showed us around at the premises and gave a presentation of the company. The purpose of the visit was to learn about Norlys and understand the part that we, as a supplier, play in making Norlys succesful. Like every network owner, Norlys is dependant on high quality data about their assets being visible and usable for everyone involved in f.ex sales, analysis, design, building, delivery and support. Norlys presented their ambitions, processes and project pipeline to us, illustrating how they are operating in order to achieve their goals and constantly improve the business.- We aim to work closely with our customers and a visit like this is important to fulfil this vision, Tanja Rask Elbæk, CEO of Smallworld Nordic, explains. - We thank Norlys for hosting us and sharing their thoughts on how we can support their success in the market.The rest of our all-company gathering included strategy updates and discussions, starting up agile development teams, innovation workshop and social activities. We also went to the west coast of Jutland for a visit to the high tech Hvide Sande Shipyard and to enjoy the fantastic scenery.