Ragnar Larnøy, Senior Advisor at Smallworld Nordic, helps Telia Norway and Lene Berg, Head of Planning and Documentation, improve network documentation input and quality control. He has been engaged in implementing best practice methods during the last 18 months, and has recently been resigned for another 6 months period.

- Understanding and aligning documentation routines with business and operational goals, as well as changing the way of work accordingly, step by step, is a long and winding road, Ragnar explains. - Sometimes I have to challenge the current rules and habits, but the backing from management and willingness to improve at the staff is tremendous, bringing us forward on a steady course.

Ragnar has created and updated user guides, conducted super user training, surveilled implementation of process changes, initiated and overseen functional improvements in Smallworld PNI, defined criteria for quality control and much more.

- The job Ragnar is doing at Telia is crucial for gaining control over, and quality in, our network data, Lene states. - This will in turn improve our operational performance, for the benefit of our customers' satisfaction and for our own efficiency and profitability.