Smallworld is an important source of information when Telenor introduces a new and common Fault Handling System which covers all types of technologies in the fixed network.Previously, Telenor had separate fault handling systems for each network type, for example fiber and coaxial, as these were managed by different companies. As companies, responsibilities and functions have merged into one common operation in Telenor Norway, the need for consolidated systems has emerged.Smallworld has previously provided data to the various systems, and we have now embarked on the journey to the new and common fault handling system. Our work has consisted of supporting the operational processes by delivering requested data about the network over a defined interface (API), through various calls that correspond to the tasks to be carried out.From Smallworld, Telenor's operating organisation receives information about relationships between network elements, physical location of equipment, conduits and cables, as well as customer connections. This is critical for analysis of the fault impact, and locating the fault cause, supporting immediate and relevant fault correction actions.- It was critical for us to get this interface up and running as a large part of our network is documented in Smallworld, Morten Lømo, IT architect at Telenor Norway, explains. - The dialogue and process with Smallworld Nordic has been very successful, and we are pleased with what we have achieved together through our great collaboration.