John Morten Malerbakken, Quality Manager at GlobalConnect, has implemented automated control of network data, performed when changes in the network are handed over from other parts of the company to Operations.Every night, the proprietary system "Wall-E" creates a report showing the status of data from a number of systems, including Smallworld, for all changes to be handed over to Opartetion in GlobalConnect. The report shows all discrepancies in the data, compared to the agreed procedures, so that Operations can go back to the units that initiated the change, e.g. delivery, roll-out or customer service, and ask them to correct missing or inconsistent data. In addition, the solution provides weekly reports to management and presents results in a dashboard for easier follow-up.- The Wall-E system ensures that handover to operation is in accordance with our instructions, which enables us to deliver a robust network and stable services, John Morten explains. - Also, the quality of our network documentation will increase as we check all changes in our network accordingly.Those who were present at Smallworld's Nordic user conference in Copenhagen in 2019 had the pleasure of hearing John Morten talk about how he used Diversity Checks in Smallworld to improve data quality. One of the points he made was that the network owner must have a very high level of data quality, such that the employees, and other users, trust the information they find in the systems. From experience, typically more than 99% correct data is required to avoid duplication of work, by having to verify information, or errors occuring during execution. Hence, good data quality ensures higher efficiency, and equally important, satisfied customers and employees!- Wall-E helps the entire business in our daily work, and disciplines us in the use of Smallworld, and all our other systems that contain business-critical data, John Morten concludes.