Grid Optimizer

Extracting Network Inventory data to suit your needs in the field and at the office!

Grid Optimizer brings accurate and updated data into the hands of field personnel, and other staff that need efficient insight to network data, addressing what was once a complicated task in most operator environments. Utilising Smallworld PNI as backend technology by use of: i) simple plug-in architecture for real-time data capture, ii) a unique and shared generic grid model for high-speed storage and data correlation, and iii) an open, standardized API for APP development and data analysis, Grid Optimizer is a unique tool of its kind.

A dedicated grid model ensures that our solutions are up-to-date in terms of getting you the information that you need, when you need it and in the way and format that you want it to manage your tasks. The reports generated through Grid Optimizer are accessible through any web browser on any mobile device. A flexible adapter architecture enables aggregating more data sources to supplement GIS, and a wide range of sophisticated optional offerings ensures a future-proof solution.

Key benefits

  • Simple and easily accessible overview of network inventory data, always up-to-date on the latest changes in Smallworld PNI.
  • Real-time generation of technical reports and schematics, fast and on-site.
  • Supports data quality improvements from field engineer by use of “red-lining” and photos.
  • Presenting advanced data in a targeted way to address specific workflows and users.
  • Analysis via aggregated data for increased productivity across systems, data and workflows.