District Heating

Complete network documentation
from heating plant to consumer

Smallworld Systems delivers complete solutions to help take control of  your district heating network.

Our solution is developed in close cooperation with the Scandinavian district heating industry, and is already in use by the leading suppliers in the markets.

With Smallworld district heating the complete network is documented from the heating plant to the consumer.

The system provides information on

  • Heating plants
  • Pipes
  • Alarm wires that notifies eventual leaks
  • Valves
  • Hatches
  • Customer plants
  • Heat exchanger

The Smallworld model provides geographical oversight with detailed descriptions of all installed equipment. This gives you an efficient and user friendly tool for documentation, maintenance and planning of your district heating.


All consumers are placed geographically in the system, so it’s easy to keep track of consumption at all times. When integrated to your existing CRM-system, Smallworld provides updated information on the map.

Smallworld district heating makes planning of your network easy by generating plans that visualizes the energy-need in buildings and areas. This makes it easier to identify new potential customers.


Smallworld district heating is based on Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, which is the basis of all Smallworld solutions. This provides a well developed core with full GIS-functionality. In addition we have developed functions and reporting-tools especially for district heating. 

Smallworld district heating deliver tools for reporting incidents where valves must be closed for maintenance or a potential leak. All affected customers can be notified by the system before the valve closes. 

Existing alarm system with alarm-wires, this can be documented in Smallworld. If a leak is discovered, Smallworld gives you the precise geographical location.

The topological network in Smallworld can be exported to any open calculation-programs to simulate and analyze the network. Smallworld can also easily be integrated with other systems.