Basic course in Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI)


What is eTrain?

With the on-going introduction of new technology across all parts of the business, it is critical for network operators to implement efficient and flexible training tools in order to get the best return on investment from new IT solutions. 

Smallworld has rich functionality, that is not fully utilized by users, whereby the productivity gains set by management might not be reached. 

Using only classical classroom training is often difficult for large organizations due to practical reasons, as pulling large groups of employees out of operations is often not possible.

Smallworld Systems has developed an eLearning concept – eTrain – that delivers training on Smallworld GIS products in a flexible, user friendly way. Training is done using modern eLearning tools that are available online for PC/Mac, tablets, and smartphones. 

The online platform is composed from text, videos, quizes, and exercises. Online training can be done whenever the employee is available, either individually or in collaboration with other employees.

We can now offer eTrain as repetition of, and supplement to, the classroom training.  We are constantly adding and updating modules to the eTrain course menu to fit the needs of our users.



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